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With the publication of Tom’s first book of non-fiction—Harpooning Donald Trump--he has decided to come out from behind his fictions to furnish some information about his new book and about himself.

“RAGE TRUMPS HATE” was the first sign I carried at Trump Tower. Harpooning Donald Trump is a collection of ten essays--written in controlled rage—that recount my individual protests at the Tower and discuss literary works that give us a deep comprehension of Trump the man and cultural phenomenon. Although Harpooning Donald Trump is a collection, it’s also a narrative: of an aged and discouraged writer rejuvenated by street protest that leads him back to literary writing, to profound books of the past and writers of the future that can help readers understand and, perhaps, undermine the demagogue.

Harpooning Donald Trump is published in paperback and as an e-book by Mediacs. Though not generally available in stores, the book can be purchased from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Parts of four essays were first published in the Daily Beast, the Barnes and Noble Review, and Full Stop.

Harpooning Donald Trump is my first book of political commentary. I have published three volumes of literary criticism and six novels—the “Passing” trilogy and Well-Founded Fear, The Liquidators, and Lincoln’s Billy. I’ve also published hundreds of essays and reviews in national periodicals such as Atlantic Monthly, the Nation, the New Republic, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Book Forum, Salon, and many other journals. I’m a professor emeritus at the University of Cincinnati.

Since I have spent many years passing myself off as Michael Keever, the “author” and narrator of the “Passing” books, you may want to see photos of the actual me and my signs at Trump Tower. If so, click here.

To read a more detailed “trailer” for Harpooning Donald Trump, click here.

image credit: kayleigh morin