In the spirit of student-based learning at Queen City College, every faculty member lists courses she or he would consider teaching if students show interest.  Please contact the faculty member and Head of the appropriate department
if any of the following would interest you:


Amusement America: an introductory course for students unacquainted with travel writing.  Students would visit amusement parks within easy driving distance of Cincinnati and would write brief essays on their experiences.

Vacation Travel: an advanced course in the special difficulties posed by describing popular tourist destinations.  (To be offered spring quarter.)

Mall of America: students spend five days at the largest mall in the United States and visit local malls to do comparison and contrast essays.  (To be crosslisted with Sociology.)

Extreme Travel: a capstone senior seminar in which students travel as a group to a challenging locale such as those visited by the Survivor television program.  (Proof of insurance required.)

Virtual Travel: explore the various kinds of virtual tours offered on the Internet.  No travel expenses, but students would need a high-speed Internet connection.  (For non-majors and other handicapped students.)


Creative Sports Writing: this course will take advantage of Mr. Keever’s basketball experience and will focus on how nationally syndicated sports columnists artfully present current events.  Prerequisite: knowledge of at least one sport (need not be a major sport; dressage or curling, for examples, would meet the requirement).

Ghostwriting: this course will look into the unique problems of writing about another person in her or his voice.  Students will pair up, interview each other, and write each others’ “biographies.”  No prerequisite, but students should have read at least one celebrity “autobiography.”

Diaries and Journals: students will keep a daily journal, which will be posted on Blackboard for the whole seminar to read and discuss.  Prerequisite: some previous journal-keeping, which students will analyze in their new journals.

Internet Self-Presentation: students will study current media such as MySpace, FaceBook, and and will learn how to prepare attractive and enticing sites of their own.   Prerequisite: basic knowledge of photography and video.

New Publication Venues: this course will look into Internet sites that disseminate Creative Non-Fiction and will investigate new “tree-based” opportunities, such as print-on-demand publishers and companies like iUniverse.  Prerequisite: students should have a revised manuscript of at least thirty pages ready for submission.