Because many faculty members at Queen City College are also real-world practitioners in their subject area, this “Entrepreneurial Corner” gives them the opportunity to describe their off-campus activities.  Contact the faculty member by email to find out more about her or his business.

Michael Keever hosts “Voyage Hope,” an annual one-day summer Creative Non-Fiction workshop, which takes place on a paddlewheeler on the Ohio River.  Mr. Keever discusses how he became a professional writer and gives advice to those who hope to enter this highly satisfying, but also highly competitive, life.  No previous writing experience is required to attend the workshop.  Passage and lunch are included in the participation fee.  For an interview with Mr. Keever on his first “Voyage Hope,” please click here.

To make use of his years as a professional traveler, Mr. Keever is gearing up to create a travel company called “De Tour.”  Mr. Keever will escort persons unable to travel alone to the “Worst Places on Earth” that he has written about or will write about.  Detourists can choose to merely experience a place where few tourists venture or, for a modest additional charge, discuss with Mr. Keever how he chooses and “processes” his destinations.  The detourist would then be a short-term apprentice writer.   Participants will need to demonstrate a basic level of physical fitness.*

Mr. Keever also plans to start a small press called “Prodigies” that would publish the work of gifted writers under the age of 25.  Mr. Keever believes that the financial pressures of publishing with large commercial houses may have led some young writers to fictionalize their memoirs or, in the sad case of the Harvard undergraduate, plagiarize their fictions.  “Prodigies” would offer young writers a venue where they could break into publishing without breaking any laws.

For more information about Voyage Hope, De Tour, or Prodigies, contact Michael Keever at

*Please note that, despite some negative reactions to the projected company’s name, it is neither a racist insult nor a company that will solicit only African-Americans.